melt away – babyface كلمات اغنية

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you come to me with a casual flow
and suddenly, my defences start to go
when you talk to me in that sensual tone
it envelops me and i lose my self control

and baby, i just melt away
fall like rain
everytime i see your face, i go off
i just want to break it down
anytime you come around
maybe i could melt away in your arms

imagining that your taking it slow
and so tenderly
’til the feeling overflows
when you look at me i go soft and cave in
and i can’t conceal that i’m slowly weakening


you and me in a cloud of reverie
spin around inside my head unendingly
thoughts run wild as i sit and rhapsodize
pretty pictures of what i’d do if you were mine

hook 2 times

- babyface كلمات اغنية