3 stripe life – babytron & stanwill كلمات اغنية

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[intro: stanwill]
yeah, like i’m [?]
i’ll slam on yo, like i’m, huh

[verse 1: stanwill]
i’ll slam on yo b*tch like i’m [?]
clingy with the glock, yeah, i’ll take that b*tch wherever

[verse 2: babytron]
i ain’t cuffing, you ain’t cinderella
let a b*tch pick whatever then she put this d*ck together
mr. punch god in this b*tch, ain’t sh*t to switch the weather
i got a cpn with the *, i could get whips forever
feel like pootie tang, b.b. simon, b*tch, i whip whoever
i hope yo granny far from the crib, this b*tch’ll hit whoever
[?] in some bape, i know y’all sink, y’all shrimp together
keep the chop but i got the cutter, i’ll switch to [?]

[verse 3: stanwill]
lil’ bro like [?] with the hits, he’ll split yo weave
gang and ’em some dogs, if i tell ’em, they’ll sick yo kid
these exquisite*ass lamb chops, i ain’t get no ribs
ain’t .233s, this five*seven out the big fn
three stripe life, jogging pants off the 700s
f*ck a nine*to*five, made ten by like 7 something
running off on gang, yeah, okay, he know heaven coming
my caucasian shooting, yeah, i think he jj red*ck cousin
[verse 4: babytron]
i need a hundred cards to touchdown expeditiously
we’ll have his sh*t rocking and paint him like xzibit team
even the lil’ me’ll sh*t on you like literally
you ain’t sh*ttyboyz if you ain’t memorize them bins with me
looking in the mirror like, sh*t, he look like him to me
we’ll flip the whole party ’round y’all like a gymnast team
high as h*ll, head spinning, stan had to pick the beat
dynamic duo like every time he trip, i tweak

[verse 5: stanwill]
high tech in the deja blue turned the water red
how you think you finna f*ck my b*tch on a water bed?
threw a prosthetic in the chop, it got a arm and leg
n*ggas swear the sauce burnt out but it’s far from dead
spark his head, if it’s up, hit him up top
i can talk sh*t, dog sh*t, ’cause i touch guap
whether it’s hibachi or the block, we can up chop
yeah, and i’m yelling sh*ttyboyz till my lungs stop

[verse 6: babytron]
i don’t see a muscle when i flex but i still act c*cky
smacking*ass drunker than a b*tch, told him lamb chop me
boujee lil’ piggy eating b*tch, wanna add broccoli?
if that b*tch ain’t on me, i bet my hands got me
[verse 7: stanwill]
hm, and yo b*tch ass sloppy
tryna add me up, buddy boy must have a math hobby
i’ma jump in everyone, you can’t get a bag by me
amiri jeans x versace drawers, you can’t sag like me

[verse 8: babytron]
they let the wrong f*cker get some money, man, i swear to god
on the west flashing out the window at like every stop
he wanted i11, lol, he got eleven rocks
heard yo b*tch loyal, bucko, lol, go tell my socks
blew off, newest gt with the roof off
ugh, you soft, forty b*tches but it’s two lofts
ice on the buffs, had ’em wishing that they threw salt
if i zoom off, i’m off the runtz, b*tch, watch me zoot off
uncy crazy than a b*tch, he talk to dawg like stewie griffin
uh, you f*ck that b*tch? i know yo doonies itching
f*ck pulling over, f*ck 12, b*tch we too resistant
sometimes in life, yeah, you gotta make a you decision

- babytron stanwill كلمات اغنية