3 times – baker ya maker كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

say my name in the mirror greed
times, it’s time to say goodbye
baker, baker, baker, meet yo maker
lookin’ to my eyes

breakin’ something (?) like
yes, it’s feel and took me high
demons talkin’ in the night
say your phrase, i’m here for yo life

slowly rollin’ down the street
to the doomshop
my brother fatjunt got the glock
yellin’ “f*ck the cops”

save their owns b*tch
now you wanna toe
yes, i’m cl!ckin’ with nega and teachin’ this ninja
my eyes are now open release from my chambers

b*tch, so suck this d*ck
got fear in your heart and you kissin’ the grip
yo time is now comin’ and it’s comin’ quick
you see, that you (?), prepare for this heat
hoe, the level go
d*ck so d*ck like (?)
eyes are red, my mind is blown
(?) days, can’t find my way home

- baker ya maker كلمات اغنية