30 stick freestyle – bbg tyler كلمات اغنية

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some real creatures i’m out that bottom , p*ssy boy where you be at ( aye where you be at ? ) aye when i catch you imma up and knock yo’ sh*t back
them n*ggas talking but you know that you ain’t bout that

tell swauvo spin , put that choppa where his mouth at
big ass cutta when it hit , gone knock yo’ sh*t back
that b*tch gone bang, make yo’ stupid ass sit back
we riding in a audi, b*tch you know that we ain’t rent that
i’m from that bottom where them young n*ggas tote 30’s
gone catch you up that b*tch and bang like i was curry
we driving fast gotta get there , we in a hurry
sipping on lean, my kidneys dead but i ain’t worried
you n*ggas b*tches , n*ggas hoes, y’all act like fe’s
i got yo’ b*tch up on her knees and she begging me please
but i don’t even want the throat , i pass her to my brother
and he gone gone f*ck her
now b*tch we right back to the basics, we chasing that paper
real gangsta, my hair long and hang like i’m jamaican
say bati boy p*ssy b*tch , don’t get put in a ditch
me a soulja man, i’m busting yo’ sh*t b*tch

aye aye say aye aye, you n*ggas ain’t even living like that, ya heard me
yeah real bottom boy b*tch , yeah n*gga, you n*ggas p*ssy, ya heard me
huh ? yeah , b*tch ass n*gga
rest in peace boozila , n*gga rest in peace aj
and give a n*gga they d*ck back, ya heard me, all that f*cking d*ck riding y’all n*ggas be doing, b*tch

- bbg tyler كلمات اغنية