however whenever (you want it) – beatnuts كلمات اغنية

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[ psycho les ]
psycho les
intoxicated demons
coming through
[ juju ]
come on

[ verse 1: psycho les ]
i don’t trust thugs, i bust slugs
i need a gangsta b-tch that loves rough love
that drinks alcohol and blows up drugs
i’m stompin you out, leavin you in scuffed lugz
what the f-ck is y’all cryin about?
bottles at the bar, i’m buyin em out
hookers on the dancefloor, i’m tryin em out
doin things in the club you should only try in the house
(watch out now) i never have to line up
or even pay admission to go in a night club
i’m lester and must be calm, never hyped up
vip drinkin henny like what (what) (what) (what)
ain’t no stoppin these
muthaf-ckin nuts that be choppin beats
blow a million bucks on a shoppin spree
y’all b-tches better duck when i c-ck and squeeze

[ chorus: juju (2x) ]
cause we can do it
however you want
flip flows or pop those, kid
whenever you want
beats, beef, or both, son
however you want
psych and ju bring the joint, kid
whenever you want

[ verse 2: juju ]
yo, you better duck when you see me comin
better run to your drug when you see me comin
no time for horse play, my force spray right at your neck
respect when the boss say i’m a threat
no games, i’m business, get it correct
you know i bought a lot of guns since “reign of the tec”
regardless, my only concern is progress
leavin all y’all monkey–ss producers jobless
i’m hungry, man, maybe like never before
bigger and better shows every tour
more money, more hoes, i don’t need no problem
some rap n-gg- get out of line, we gon’ rob him
have a n-gg- terrified to be in the street
man, don’t make me have to verify n-gg-s is sweet
come on homie, i just want a piece of the pie
any man get in the way of that, he gon’ die

[ chorus (3x) ]

however you want
yeah, new york n-gg-s
whenever you want
(west coast)
word, huh
however you want
all the burroughs, baby
whenever you want
get that paper
however you want
beatnuts bring the joints
whenever you want
however you want
whenever you want

- beatnuts كلمات اغنية