i don’t wanna be like me – bedtime for charlie كلمات اغنية

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i had a hot tuna sandwich i nailed you down on a wall
i used to have a lot of friends in high school
no i know no one at all
i never watched the olympics i never cared about sports
can’t handle serious relationships
i’m always lazy and bored

it’s a hard job but someone’s gotta do it
something’s wrong but i don’t know what
chances are i’ll be back in a bit
maybe i’ll be back in a bit

my wallet’s always quite empty i own a few pairs of shorts
i’m not a huge fan of garage rock but
i’d love to live in new york
i’d never win an election i really don’t give a f-ck
i’ve never been the best at anything but
it doesn’t mean that i suck

once again i’m f-ckin it up
don’t waste time i’m just having fun
spare advice i’m already done
it’s like stealing a dollar from a guy in a chevrolet

this is not hollywood
broken bones but i’m feeling good
i appreciate this

i brake things and then i throw them away
it’s like a fixing process i go through every day
i raise my gl-ss to the days that will be
if i where someone else i think i wouldn’t wanna be like me

- bedtime for charlie كلمات اغنية