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abysses of sadness – benighted lyrics

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falling down, searching for satan
your hypocrisy comes too far, too fast, stand up the ripper, coming soon
you fall into the abysses of sadness bl–dy curses from the one of the unlight
hidden somewhere in old flames, manipulations of senses destroyed your mind
you wanted the forbidden but the power escaped from your hands, not betraying.

you tried through lies, you die on your lonely way
i die in my mind, ashes become my power
you created hate astrocity will come for you
i sweaar revenge, benighted was your cold destiny.

power is mine
i grown too
in your mine your complain
neverending pain born from your doubts tears your soul apart

from the f-cking dark past weaking up again
trying to justify that your fault was betraying your conscience.
you lost your mindk creates a new line for your future, cold illness.
ready for rising, smoke through the hole
crawling from my soul, ready for a night to fight against your will

rising gain, breaking the unlight
my own destiny, escaping from the dark
knowledge come as the power from ancient gods
delievering fire from the sky, burning
thunderstorm shining over your soul
your minute is coming, be ready.

escaped away far from the light
into the night, into the dark
in the deepest lystery, unlight
dying too fast

you fear the night, benighted feelings
hate blinds your eyes, you’ve only enemies
satan lines are life through your i’ll mind
dead witch will never stop to rule your thoughts, haunting your nights

trust in yourself, forgive the others
you are in the light you can choose your way
coming from the mountains of thousand lies
your hope makes your strenght, you can trust in future of your life.

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