19th (home) – big ant dog b.a.d كلمات اغنية

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[intro: big ant dog & tracky minion]
yeah, uh (i’m tracky)
[unpreviewed producer]

[pre*verse: big ant dog]
i was going home, tryna get at my zone
felt a pain, felt like a crack in my bone
gotta fix my voice tone suffered from a lot of sh*t
i was known to rap but f*ck it
i don’t really care what they say


[verse 1: big ant dog]
yeah, number 19, wanted to change the team
like a young, nice and clean me
i am not mean, had to go, michael jackson
with his billie jean
b*tch this the scheme
shoutout lean, not promotin’ cough syrup
but the other lyric, rappin’ like a sport physic

[chorus: big ant dog]
[verse 2: big ant dog]
me again tryna do the main
stupid sh*t f*cking up my veins
not in pain but don’t do the repеtitive sh*t
yeah i gotta live too, makе a static*like pikachu
my bars sick like flu
throwupfish, i thought you were speakin’ the true
but you never knew sh*t (yeah)


[verse 3: ???]


[outro: lil squirtle 5’5]
yeah i’m squirtle this the confirmation
for the collaboration for the 19

- big ant dog b a d كلمات اغنية