pushaman – big macky كلمات اغنية

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my bad, bah bah
let’s get it man, d-mn
you know i got d block in the booth with me n-gg-
d-mn wah, let’s get it man
d-mn, let’s get it man
huh uh uh uh, let’s get it
let’s get it man, wah
let’s get it man

you need some gas, i’m on the way
everyday of the week, i’m making plays
when i’m with the gang, we making plays
you in the way, n-gg- step out the way
breaking them scales like i’m from the k
sent you the beat and i must be the a
b-tch on my line she say she from the bay
old b-tch still want me still round the way
i want a mac but just bought a drake
just ate some noodles now we on to steak
serving them buds and i’m serving them shake
opp did the race i was goin catch the case
but 10 out of 10 i was goin get away
and 10 out of 10 he was goin to the grave
and 10 out of 10 he got hit with a glock
but i’m mad as sh-t that it wasn’t a k
boy i’m a real n-gg- on some man sh-t, ain’t no little boy i’m a man
cut some n-gg-s off they be texting me like you wild as sh-t bro stop playing
but i ain’t playing n-gg- sh-t n-gg- real, n-gg- in the field n-gg- as a man
thought i was sweet for it like them other dudes, but i’m a street n-gg- with a plan
let’s get it man

got that good gas for your life n-gg-, powerpuff girls got the spice n-gg-
dog on me while i fight n-gg-s, bullets flying they goin bite n-gg-s
need the drugs i’m the right n-gg-, got a dub ima sice n-gg-s
plugged in like the lights n-gg-, landlord with the pipes n-gg-
chasing that green n-gg- that relish, (?) like precious
pac touch down like jermone bettis, choppa get to choppin sh-t like lettuce
lil red dread head but no sh-lly, breaking them grams down in the telly
baby take off all yo clothes but no nelly, sipping on that purple n-gg- no jelly
eating real good peep a n-gg- belly, one call away you can hit my celly
p-ssing on the beat n-gg- no kelly, bro turning up party with confetti
housing all year i dont think they ready, nightmare on the south side ain’t no freddy
live the fast life i don’t know bout steady, i been too nice now i’m being petty

yeah glah
let’s get it man
wah wah wah wah d-mn uh
you know i’m turning up all year n-gg-
you know i’m high as sh-t
you know i’m housing sh-t too n-gg-

- big macky كلمات اغنية