1888 – bigantdog (raps) كلمات اغنية

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1888 i wasn’t alive but still fightin’
lighting sh*t up like a solider
more solider than soulja boy tell ’em
older than y’all b*tches i’m about nearly two*hunnid
golder than a f*ckin’ watch
got a yacht and sh*t
flexin’ my sh*t like a gold chain
where spain again?
i’m more gucci’er than gucci mane
i have gucci vain, and a gucci name
don’t try confront me in my lane
you are more littler than lil wayne
this no game this a video like the game
i got more fame than you
this is laflame (fire)

just 1:22 minutes
ayy, this ain’t no diss tho’

- bigantdog raps كلمات اغنية