revenge be mine – blackened كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

gods of war
i seldom prayed to you
once i was a king
strong and proud
a man of deeds – defender of the weak – once
now it seems my journey finally comes to an end
let me die not of age and weakness
let me die with the sword in my hand
bringing death to those who betrayed me
i only ask you to grant me one last request
grant me revenge!

oblivion shall reign on through the night
the days of old have p-ssed
the joy and laughter died

it seems like i’m the last
who knows of times so longly gone
annihilation we did face
there’s only one thing to be done

all this pain inside
can’t fill the dark they left behind
memories of ancient times
revenge be mine

facing death down on your knies
my bloodred blade shows you the sign
my painful search came to an end
finally revenge is mine!

- blackened كلمات اغنية