18 – blckk كلمات اغنية

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yea, uh
yea yea yea yea, oh yea
yea, uh
yea yea, what, uh

ayo f*ck it ima ride alone, b*tch i don’t need you anyways
ima f*cking die alone, i know that sh*t so either way
i know that n0body looking out for me except for me
thats why i can’t trust a soul, i do this sh*t for me today
they want me to tag along, but i don’t play the games they play
it’s to waste my f*cking time, i see you lookin round’ my way
truthfully, i hope i f*cking die before i get to see
anybody else i f*cking care about abandon me
honestly, i really thought i been through all the worst today
now i f*cking hate mysеlf, don’t look at me, don’t come my way
what a f*cking idiot, i told myself i’ll bе okay
made more sense to give it up than rip apart my f*cking brain

18 years {?}
now im f*cked up, and its still been a bad day

- blckk كلمات اغنية