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excerpt from a speech by huey newton on guns and gun control 1968

[verse 1: yungjuu mlb]
i got my own swag
kush cologne, prada, v*lone
gucci shoes, fitted cap, i’m swaggy writin’ songs
yellowbone, bad b*tch waitin’ at home
she callin’ me, shawty blowin’ up my phone
i’m in the field, spinnin’ blocks, this sh*t is real
sh*t, am i gon’ make it back in time for me to heal
these n*ggas ain’t real, under pressure they gon’ peel
in the p*ssy, be quiet babe, i want you to feel
can’t wait for the moment execs slide me a deal
n*ggas sanctioned, ‘cause of rap i didn’t have to steal
i’m grown now, never thought that i’d pay a bill
you a rat, in that court room you gon’ squeal
nipsey sh*t, i’m young
i’m tryna touch a mill
sad but they gon’ try to k!ll you
you too real
ain’t sellin drugs we usin’ them, rappers poppin pills
my jewelry is too drippy now, i walk around with gills

[hook: yungjuu mlb]
we are, we are, we are, we are, reality
we are, we are, we are, we are, reality
we are, we are, we are, we are, reality
we are, we are, we are, we are, reality

[verse 2: yungjuu mlb]
would i change the world?
i don’t know if i could to do it
youngins nowadays just dodge bullets
too many shootings
we gotta stick together
create a movement
be your own person, forget them, don’t be a groupie
you smarter than that
this sh*t is deeper than rap
you lost your dignity and self worth
n*gga go get it back
blacks rather play the trap
rather go and sell some crack
bro get rid of the cr*p
the world is bigger than that
walkin’ through my city
i see crackheads on two*fifth
leanin’ over, dancin to no music
this sh*t is sad
young women growing up, no dad
instead of playin’ the block
pick up a pen and pad
imma take care of mine
make sure i go spend some time
jail’s not where imma go
to go and write some rhymes
uplift my community
if it means spendin’ dimes
a wise man once told me to fight for what’s rightfully mine

[outro: big ted]

- blessed bandits كلمات اغنية