the evil – blood feast كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

the burning power flows through your souls,
filling you with unholy thoughts
engulf your body and soul in l-st
your life he now has bought
he who watches your mortal soul
and points to death all around
he grasps you in his merciless hand
then you hear the sounds… of death…
in flames… tomorrow… your dead

you try to run, try to hide
his grasp you can’t break free
the prince of darkness, ruler of h-ll
stands in front of me
evil thoughts run through my brain
the signs point to my way
you feel that you will go insane
but still you have to pay… with death…
in flames… tomorrow… your dead

kill. rip. seize
your heart begins to bleed
l-st. tear. flesh
drink the blood of victims
heart. eat. now
purest flesh of virgins
death. now. has come
tormenting souls of god

no escape from this world of h-ll
end is coming for you
the time of rain and storm draws near
coming to the masters doom
crucifixion in the dawn
the rise of the blood red moon
watch the impalement of the fools
unsoul the bodies they do not move
they died… in flames… their dead
you’ll die…

- blood feast كلمات اغنية