ima monster (heart on my sleeve) – blood on the dance floor كلمات اغنية

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“ima monster (heart on my sleeve)”


let’s goooooo.
oh noooo.

can’t stop the tickles.
they call me dr. giggles.
it’s o-o-o-off the chizzle
fo’ shizzle dizzle
i’m bangin’ with the b-o-t-o-dizzle
with wiffles
’cause i dribble like i’m rubbing on nipples.
gotta get out the pickle
make it rain with the ripples.
let my, candy rum trickle
get you buzzed with double triples.
getting head, in rentals
avoiding the parentals.
this is ghetto, plain and simple
with the down beat tempo.

oh, no!

they be hatin’ us.
’cause we’re glamorous.
they be hatin’ us.
’cause i’m fabulous.
can’t stop me once i’ve started,
baby, got me r-t-rded.
don’t phunk-phunk-phunk-phunnnk
with my heart.

let’s gooooo.

chop, chop, chop you up.
i’m a monster, (hah, hah hah)
eat you like a cannibal,
spit you out like an animal. [x2]

slice, slice, slice you up.
i’m a monster, (hah, hah hah)
cut you up, i’ll slice and dice
serve you up as cold as ice. [x2]

go ‘head girl, shake that b-tt.
make me freakin’ bust a nut!
crank that music, bust it up.
let’s get wasted, super uhn.
guess what, honey. i’m a freak.
i’m a freak inside the sheets.
rough, tough, naughty nurse.
rip it up, now make it hurt.
don’t stop, get it, get it!
last for hours, not for minutes.
open wide for my surprise,
scratch and blow for your grand prize.
smear it on your plastic face,
leave you with a sweeter taste.
super soaker on your chest,
let it drip down on your br–sts.

let’s goooooo!


haateers make me faaaamous [x5]


- blood on the dance floor كلمات اغنية