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my angel (never leave you) – bobby valentino lyrics

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d-mn you know what’s meant to be is meant to be, you can’t run from love

[verse 1:]
when i first met you i had these deep feelings,
i knew that you could be the one.
we met back in grade school
kissing on the school bus
we were young but just having fun.
no stoping destiny now that we’re older and we’ve found each other again,
i’ve learned a lesson that love will find you, if you just let it in

i’ll never leave you
god put us together 4 ever my angel
never leave you, you’re my best friend
and it’s to the end
i’ll die for you

[verse 2:]
sometimes i pinch myself to see if i’m dreaming cause this love we have is so real. when i
saw you again i didnt really know how you would really feel. everytime that we make love, it feels
like the very first time. i’ve learned a lesson that love will find you because its so divine

[repeat chorus 2x]

never leave you, i’ll die for you (i’ll die for you) never leave you never leave you i’ll die
for you (i live for you baby) never leave you (yes i do yeh) i’ll die for you (i’ll give my life for ya
baby) never leave you never leave you i’ll die for you never leave you never leave you (you’re my better half,
all i need is you to come back in my life. i love you more than i ever loved before you
i’ll sacrifice. i’ll go insane if you ever leave and right now you’re all that i know, we become one
i feel what you feel i’ll protect you, i’ll protect you baby yeh ooooooohhhhh yeh yeh i will never
leave you…..)

[repeat chorus until fades out]

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