10toes – boudro كلمات اغنية

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ay, huh, yuh
you already know what the f*ck goin’ on bruh
counting hunnids in the f*ckin’ studio right now, like
(you don’t even know what the f*ck goin’ on)
f*ck goin’ on bruh
i’m sippin’ drank
sippin drank, sippin drank
sippin drank, sippin drank
sippin drank, sippin drank

[verse 1]
smoking gas, no i don’t wanna move
hittin’ l!cks in a new foreign coupe
that choppa on me and you know what it do (boh, yuh)
stacking my money, i’m stacking my paper
can’t catch me lacking, i keep me a lazer
tryna go cancel me? boy you a hater
shout out my boys, they been hitting l!cks
tussin in the lemonade, it stay mixed
take out my d*ck and she give it a kiss (yuh, yuh)
i’m uppin’ the glocks and i’m shootin’ you down
do not distract me, don’t do that right now
finessin’ the pack i do more for a pound
sipping on lean like dj phat
why they be capping way more than a hat?
staying 10 toes in the muhf*ckin’ trap
you f*ck wit a hoe that be pushing you back
i’m in thе honda i’m counting my racks
can’t f*ck with snitches i can’t f*ck with rats
wiping his nose cause hе ain’t my slatt (huh?)
you is a b*tch and i keep that a*stat

money got longer, i’m watching it grow
not a stripper but i keep me a pole
pour up the tussin and i’m sipping it slow
pour up the tussin i’m sipping it slow
smoking my opps as a pack
smoking that b*tch my money stacked
when i woke up, i got me a rack
when i walk out i got me a strap

- boudro كلمات اغنية