3 moons – boy & bear كلمات اغنية

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i wasn’t found upright
three moons and a dam
to reason this hard is a hindrance

& when all that truth drops
its the weak points that bend
but a truth that won’t change is a truth to befriend

i guess it was always there, just shadowing me
but in a state of mind tied to the soul of night
it’s hard to see

and now that the music is in
its been a long time i know
now that the anguish is letting go

he said i’m proud and i’m crossed
but i’m lying in a knot

but it ain’t long enough
7 dolls and a wheel

my meditation of grieving
don’t let it use that time up
i’m working on a sequel
he said i’m bound and i’m crossed and i’m lying in a knot
but i’ve seen there’s a solace when the light is all you’ve got
the light is all i’ve got

- boy bear كلمات اغنية