nailed down dreams – brainstorm كلمات اغنية

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can you take me to heaven, i’m naked in my misery
it’s only one last breath and one last dream away
and can you ever release me, can you ever free my soul
for all the tears my friends will cry, a single tear for every lie
you’ve locked our hopes away
some lost their pride under your sway
but in this void of social care we’re lost everywhere
embrace your dreams, thrives on defeat
it’s all we do cause all we can’t see
reveal your soul, they’re running out of steam
these are your nailed down dreams
so many souls you have broken
you’ve taken all our dignity
draining out my hopes and call it “terror” on the screen
all is left and unspoken, retribution from your hand
i won’t be the only one who’s lost
they’ll bury me on this barren land
unheard so they don’t care, we’re lost everywhere

- brainstorm كلمات اغنية