burning it up – branny pockets كلمات اغنية

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yeah i learned a lesson bout riding with crooks
learned a lesson bout being my own cook
i had to get it anyway that it took
and i would never got it if i never looked
into my p-ssion said f-ck all that talk
it’s all about action wherever i walk

came from afar you did not see me coming
when i’m on the beat it’s like i’m out here hunting just looking for meat
constantly running away from defeat
you’ll never catch me around none of yo bullsh-t
i write and you know it i’m not your chur ordinary poet
but something more that you can not comprehend
i’m writing this essay then turning it in

i’m reading your essay then burning it up
it sounds like you need help look like you stuck
guessing you made that sh-t rap in the mud homie do not tell me you and music in love
that really sh-ts on what the f-ck i believe in
said f-ck all that talk boy go back to t–thing

heard a lot of rappers in my lifetime
turn out they doing something else in the nighttime
yeah i got some fans that would die for my lifeline
homie in a trance took a chance won’t break down

no i’ll never break down homie

- branny pockets كلمات اغنية