anything for you – brendan james كلمات اغنية

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“anything for you”

i woke up early from my bed
with a secret in my head
in the back of my backyard
i keep a sp-ceship in the shed

i lit the engine and took the sky
from up here it looks so nice
i didn’t stop until the moon, where i
picked a flower just for you

and i fell down to you in a parachute
of newspaper rubber bands, tape, and glue
so you would see i would do anything for you
anything for you

i didn’t want to wake you up,
so i put the flower in a cup
on the floor next to your bed
without a sound i laid my head

drifted off into a dream
of what has been and what could be
i saw your tears, i saw you fall
but i saw us rise, i saw it all


and i never want you to know
all of the lengths i’ve gone
to find where the flowers grow

love is never supposed to be
a present under our tree
i do it because i believe


- brendan james كلمات اغنية