under the influence – bride كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

the sky grew black and like an engine humming
i could tell it was my time
i could hear the sound of my heart beat thumping
and the echoes in my mind

just like the prophet spoke, babe it’s not a joke
don’t take another sip of wine
you better leave the bottle
cause it’s coming full throttle
and it’s going to mess with your mind

under the influence
killing the innocent

see the eyes of the innocent cause you ebarrasment
will i make it out alive
i can beg, i can pleadm or watch you bleed
you know i’m not afraid to die

don’t be cedeived by what you might see
it gets worse for me everyday
i could tell you things that you might not believe
they hightway shows me the way

i steer to the left and i setter to the right
i hear their fatal screams
i never drink more than i really need
it’s always worse than it seems

- bride كلمات اغنية