1555 – broken flesh كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

father, sin surrounds me now
death takes hold of a failing world
screams of pain, tormented souls
lost in lies l*st and greed
death shall have no power before the light of a million suns
anguish swallowed up in victory
abba god please hear my cry
yeshuah come again
oh death where is your sting
all your power stole away
adonai, your perfect will now dwells in the heart of man
spirit of hate causing death
i bind you by the blood of the spotless lamb of god
i bind the spirit of fear
and unleash true peace that comes from god
opеn graves, new found life
judgmеnt day, no more lies
darkness falls in burning flames
heaven and earth pass away
heaven and earth pass away

- broken flesh كلمات اغنية