1600 – bushido code كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

everyone you know
warmth of the living no longer there own
the weight you hold
to fall to death, like the ones before

names of the dead
written in stone laying in earth
haunted by souls, millions of bones at your feet

there is no hope, end of the rope
so they lay rotting away
so many graves the number untold
dreams of vengeance, thirsty we hold

there is a violent legacy of a tyrants vanity
so is evеry battle for eternity
for еternity

east vs west, paid by death
greed is a hunger*hunger fed
through bl**dy eyes, see all we need
to prophesies*our reality

there is no hope for the living
when blood is all that we are giving

- bushido code كلمات اغنية