listen from the dark – cal wilson كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

here the ancient fog of fear divides
and our innocent devices
idle like a soaring light
without regard for the dark

then “yay” we say
“what a beacon awaits awash in gleaming gold?
the glare, the glow”
as focus pulls from the beauty of the dark

then harkened deep a holy yawn
the marching peaceful plea to god
“our hope has come and gone”
no more a heavy sigh from darkness

and what a world to focus on;
a floating dream to ponder
off above the faded ground
listen from the dark
the dark, the darkness

then echo bristling voices
from deeply heaving heavy chests
“dreaming never dies”, no, just one
of many many deaths for darkness

and there they’ve heaped the light upon
like a candle bested by the dawn
no use to shake a fist
to offer dismay in name of dark. the dark, the darkness

and as the angles spread and sprayed the glare
stood amazed to face the gates of fear
that guide the passing moments
rising high from fading darkness

and those tangled in the writhing light
those too naive to unite
with the best and blessed content to fight
sigh, “what good again was the dark?”
the dark, the darkness

- cal wilson كلمات اغنية