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adrenaline – caleb lionheart lyrics

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look at you! fighting wars over god,
fighting paper with rock, fighting fire with logs
and all for the chance to survive?
how can you american dream and sleep through the night?
i don’t think you can

if you ask me,
“what makes up the anatomy of a man?”
blood, sweat, and adrenaline.
adrenaline. nothing more, nothing less than that.

i’ve felt strong dislike but could never hate
anything that bleeds, no matter what race.
cuz even with the promise of amnesty and a loaded clip,
i couldn’t just pull the trigger and not give a sh-t.

i read the obituaries:
i woke up alive this morning
a thousand paper cranes fly high
they fly in unison over nagasaki.

sample: “i don’t believe there is any torture in this country,
because you understand one thing: why torture somebody when you can shoot them?”

- caleb lionheart كلمات اغنية