realest remix – calliko كلمات اغنية

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verse 1:

made a right on river drive top down heading to the east
put it on 92.5 turn the volume up they playing me
me and wiz khalifa single blaring thru the speakers
last year i was broke now i’m selling out shows
my hood show me love cuz i never forgot where i was from
when the dj play me in the club everybody in that b-tch go dumb
i’m the hottest in the city u can tell me that i’m not
and i swear that i won’t stop until we make it to the top and u know it
fie dope b-tch we smoke it
iphone 6 finger coded
we the cause of commotion
when we be riding through
no we ain’t heard of u
them hoes a tell u

partynextdoor chorus

realest n-ggas in the city

verse 2:

i do this sh-t for east mo
i do this sh-t for moline
i do this sh-t for rock town
i do this sh-t for dp
ain’t sh-t changed but the address
i’ll forever rep the qc
rollin green leafs full of that gas i ain’t talkin bp
throw up a peace sign when u see me spreading positive vibes from the most high
it’s calliko that new n-gga
got the labels lookin at me like a gold mine
ladies love a yella n-gga like cool j and i spit that sh-t them hoes like
u already know whole team bout to glo shinin hard in this b-tch like a strobe light
it’s the midwest we the best
that’s a promise not a threat
i put that on the set
we the last real n-ggas left
i stopped being scared of death
when i laid my bro to rest
turn my nightmares to dreams now i’m livin my dream when i step on the scene they show respect

- calliko كلمات اغنية