back wit’ heat – canibus كلمات اغنية

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(yeah) the-the-the-yeah
the rhyme weapon legend, that’s what my n-gg-z yellin
that’s what they yellin
yeah… uh, yeah (the-the-the-yeah)
(the rhyme weapon legend, that’s what my n-gg-z yellin)
yeah, n-gg-z just don’t know, but i’ma let ’em know
(they don’t know ‘bis, they don’t know ‘bis)
how to flow how to (they don’t know ‘bis)
how to go how to, how to..

yo if i cough in my fist when i opened my hand
there’d be dope in my hand cause i spoke in my hand
in the gym ’til i turn the two-pack, to a four
’til the four got sore and had to make two more
in a whole ‘nother state of mind – mexican standoffs
waste lives but they save time
you know the danger, the ranger, pantyhose over
got basic scopes and lasers, my toaster is a widowmaker
good things come to those that wait
bullsh-t! better things come to those that chase
i sweep the streets with a fleet bigger than the greeks
’til we occupy your land like thiefs, we fin’ to eat n-gg-

[chorus 2x: canibus]
i’m back for the music, back to do exclusives
back to change the view of hip-hop, from that bullsh-t
back to mash up beats to bang up your ave and streets
canibus n-gg-, back with heat (yo)

aiyyo, hot out the box with nottz, shots just went off
n-gg- better check to see if you caught
shootouts between rap stars drivin fast cars
through the hills of madagascar, we can take it that far
screwface you n-gg-z

- canibus كلمات اغنية