with this song – carol banawa كلمات اغنية

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some started with a smile
they ended of ith a cry
is this right? or wrong?
because i started with a song

from the very day i saw you
i knew that you’re love is true
your eyes brings the song in you
your voice has made my dreams come true

with this song i gave you my love
with this song you be~ in my heart
i will cherished every tune you make

i will keep every breath you take
with this song~
i gave you my love

repeat 2nd stanza
repeat chorus

now that you’re here with me
singing songs under the tree
i wish our love will be forever
coz our love’s like no other

repeat chorus last line

with this song~
with this song~
i give you my love
oh~ i give you my love

- carol banawa كلمات اغنية