still in love with you – carpenters كلمات اغنية

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i remember the first time

i laid more than eyes on you

we’ve been in love for a long time

and i’m still in love with you

(-) i am so still in love with you

will you always understand

i do not know what i would do

without you

i’m in perpetual motion

and i am always on the move

you must have slipped me a potion babe

cause i’m still in love with you

repeat (-)

you don’t leave me any reason

i don’t need no alibies

so don’t ask me no questions, babewon’t hand you any lies

repeat (-)

and you know that tomorrow

will be different than to day

we beg, steal and borrow but

but we always stay the same

repeat (-) twice

- carpenters كلمات اغنية