i promise love – casey stratton كلمات اغنية

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we were lost inside a dream
you floated across the crystal sea
and delivered us from what we believed
while angels sang a song for me
there’s a waterfall of what i wished
and seven prayers to handle this
i couldn’t speak from the beauty there
i didn’t dare

we were lost inside a scene
where spirits called right out to me
and i could see them easily
for i was open to believe
there’s a waterfall of what could be
if i would heal the tragedies
of a life where nothing ever seems to be easy

open your soul up and look inside
sleeping the love that won’t be denied

one world where we all fit together well
it could be, but we make it hard for us
a solace is coming
on the summer winds
no pain or disaster
i promise love

we were lost inside ourselves
but we didn’t care to get back out
there was a light that we rushed toward
and a bright and shining silver cord
there was no disease
and no confusion
we didn’t get caught in our delusions
and i was happy to be there
in the pure air

open your heart up and see inside
still full of love that won’t be denied

- casey stratton كلمات اغنية