widow mother earth – casketgarden كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

the black curtain blinds our sun again
man of nature – nature of man
playing god again
over and over again…

the black canvas is falling down again
hate-murder-art patterned after
this blackened b-st-rd
how can we paint the reality?

hail hail – sun father
close your eyes and the world goes under
and all the mankind shall growling to be saved
hail hail – sun father
who will mourn the day?

comprehension beyond eternal void
made belief narrow mind whose eyes will tear
whose eyes will prove…
…the unconcievable?


my widow mother earth
look at this black sun through your tear-stained veil
and burn your pestilenced weed away!
widow mother earth

- casketgarden كلمات اغنية