gas food lodging – celestaphone كلمات اغنية

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they bought em’ off, burden threatened tools
you gotta follow certain set of rules
ferret*legging at the possum drop
pair of egging brats made hot slop out the honest pop
lex tarrae, the best share thy best bare hive
not a stare not a fight but a nest:
for the shut eye, the bed buh*bye, testify
how you put every foot to a rest
now we should scare the good to attest
howling at the moon different angles but the same breath
oh no, that’s not how you do it
can’t show the whole world now where you flew in
slow road, hop in the buick
(vroom vroom)
oh, and to the people who are driving
know that green means go not red lighting

- celestaphone كلمات اغنية