purgatorial overdrive – centinex كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

creatures crawls up from the deep
mother earth have summon them up
waking them from their eternal sleep
the end and the purgatory has begun

the cleansing of this human plague
earth elementals, divine power supreme

a force so ancient, a force so free
fiery flames from below increase

on this tormented twisted soil
the blood of the mortals will flow
their souls will be forever d-mned
forever to be forgotten, lost in a void

the prophecies of disaster – they all shall come true
for our sins and evil doings – deeds decayed and impure

the pathway to oblivion is open wide
the tormenting fires of h-ll shall burn

purgatorial overdrive
the seventh seal has been broken

- centinex كلمات اغنية