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the omega point – cephalic carnage lyrics

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as it expands, out into the black
m-ss separation, vast schematics integrating
a simple drive to complexity
destruction breeds creativity
one destination come at the end
evolution stops
however cleverly yet blatantly shrouded
to have perception and not care about it
matching our cognation as a species
a.i. develops into a conscious being
capitalism will see it’s downfall
corporations copulate a robot workforce
man and machine
a super computer for our troubles
“multivac” creates a way to harness the suns
energy through stations orbiting earth
interstellar travel opens pandora’s box
we formulate and pose the last question
can entropy be reversed and change direction?
multivac replies it cannot answer
man shall sit and wait as the stars fade to white dwarfs
whole coalescence
all minds conjoin
into one
matter and energy have ended along with time and sp-ce
multivac existed only to answer the last question
after timelessness contemplative intervals, the solution arrived
and with four word multivac answered,
let there be light

- cephalic carnage كلمات اغنية