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the chameleons – chameleons lyrics

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i delve into myself ceaselessly
oh but i rarely see,what i want to see
embracing the future,forgetting the past
loves,loss and misfortune
the chaos and the cr-ss
well i’m wary of you,but you’re oblivious to me.
i’m chained to your ego,but there isn’t a key.
i play with emotions, ah but never my own.
don’t you recognise me?,try looking inwardly
ah but you won’t see me.
such a strange fascination
as i wallow in waste
that such a trivial victory
could put a smile on your face
using me as the scapegoat for what you want to beleive
well i’ll just bow out politely, and tip my cap as i leave.

aaah comme ci comme ca comme ci

my eyes are wide open yours are closed
it’s time you realised i’m a part of you
look inwardly,don’t bleed for me
look to yourself

- chameleons كلمات اغنية