forever be a king break – chamillionaire كلمات اغنية

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“forever be a king break”

what’chu, uhh, what’chu mean-ah?
we’ll forever be some kings
when you accomplish a certain amount
you’ll look around and people will tell you, that you changed
but i look around and everybody’s lookin strange
the whole game is strange
see, one time, my publicist nancy called me
and asked me if i wanted to do an interview with xxl
even though she already knew what i was gon’ say
the interview was about
houston artists not doin it as big as they used to
houston artists not bein as hot
screw music not bein as hot
i know you’re doin your job but, why don’t we do an interview about
how all y’all used to be all on our d-ck!
y’all used to be wearin grills, tryin to look like us
walkin around like clowns, some of y’all still are
maybe we should do an interview about
why everybody’s still swipin our style!
i know she probably didn’t tell ’em what i said
but, now you know, ha ha ha

i’m about to lose my mind
i’ve been doin this so long, and boys they talkin down
now i stay screwed and chopped up, stay screwed and chopped up
mayne stay screwed and chopped up, chopped up
and slow it down, one mo’ tiiiime

- chamillionaire كلمات اغنية