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“never come down break”

never come, down
it feels good to wake up and be able to do what you wanna do
when you wanna do it, how you wanna do it
i mean that’s just me, y’know that’s how i like to live
and i feel good be in that position
y’know i know it’s a lot of people out there
that listen to my music, that look at me for guidance
on these major labels, and these this this industry
that we call the rap game, but umm
i cain’t tell n-body how to live they life
i just know how to live mine, umm, right now
this is the way +i+ think it should be, y’know?
for those of y’all that don’t know i’m off universal
i finally got away from all the politics
y’know all the waitin, ten years to put out a alb-m
all the changin songs, all the, tryin to force artists
to make pop music, y’know, that works for a lot of people
but that don’t work for me – it stopped workin for me
ya understand what i’m sayin?
i made a lot of money with universal, i went all across the world
and umm, i got a brand now, and i’m still doin that!
i’m still travellin all across the world
and still gettin reach, anywhere i want to
i just feel like this brand, i want to control it
i want the stuff that you hear, to be what i want you to hear
and and my real voice instead of somebody else’s voice
if you cain’t rock with that then i cain’t rock wit’chu
i know most of y’all feel what i’m tryin to say
so to sum it up, there will be no “venom” alb-m
i will not release none of the music i did with universal
and y’all should be a thousand percent cool with that
cause i’m a thousand percent cool with that
we startin over from scratch, fresh, new, ideas
that’s why i created “playlist poison”
i’ma release a whole bunch of records from my website
chamillionaire dot com, i need everybody to keep on gettin ’em
keep on downloadin ’em, keep on puttin ’em in your playlist
and what we gon’ do is rebrand this thing called chamillitary
y’knahmsayin? we gon’ get the army right
before i put out this alb-m, called “playlist poison”
a full alb-m, a real alb-m
and there will be a video for every song
we already in motion right now
we already done shot videos, we already gettin the music right
i just want to make sure that it’s a thousand percent fire
so n-body can deny my talent
so what ch’all can do for me is, think about the future
think forward right?
because a lot of y’all fans are always worryin about the past
you always talkin about the old koopa
you always talkin ’bout the old paul wall & chamillionaire
you always talkin ’bout the old website
you always talk about everything in the past
let’s think towards the future and think of new ideas
and new things we can do to be, creative
and we can do to crush the game, mayne
cause everybody else is doin the same thang
and for all y’all lames that’s gon’ stay stuck in the past
stay stuck in the past then
put on your hirachis, turn your jeans backwards
and jump like kris kross for all i care mayne!
we in the future mayne! i’m tryin to think up new thangs mayne
i’m older now, i’m not seventeen years old no more man
so everybody that’s willing to grow with me, let’s grow
what i need y’all to do is, go out there and tell everybody
everybody, we need a movement man
we need over a million e-mail addresses man, y’know?
we only as strong as the network
so let’s stay active, we need active e-mail addresses
active users and active fans
people out there spreadin the word mayne, y’know?
that’s what y’all can do for me
not complainin about why the rest of the world
don’t understand the greatness of chamillionaire and chamillitary
forget about them man, who cares!
as long as we gettin money, as long as we feedin our families
and as long we makin the music that we tryin to make
then everything’s player, yeah!!
so i leave you with this
all my soldiers that’s been down with me 13, 14 year strong
let’s keep rollin man
i need you to log on to chamillionaire dot com
i need you to live there, i need you to breathe there
i need you to be there, yeah
major pain 2 comin soon, and who knows what else?
maybe i got somethin up my sleeve, i don’t know
but until that alb-m, y’all know what it is
“playlist poison”

- chamillionaire كلمات اغنية