36000 – che ecru كلمات اغنية

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yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
yes, ah
good s*x
ah, yes
good neck
ah, yes
good s*x
yeah, yes, yeah
good neck

girl, you know i ain‘t playin
i make that b*tch go insane
goes on me, goes on my d*ck
but go super sane
goes on your b*tch
but she suck on my d*ck on flame
spit that sh*t out
you know we got a problem again
imma make her learn that sh*t if she don‘t know a thing
imma make you learn something, learn a lesson today
learn a lesson, you get that the best that you ever had
you ever had
got of your titties
been you my baby
yeah, i f*ck your b*tch
no, i‘m not talking bout baby
yeah, when i buzz her she must beaten it out baby
yeah, if you don‘t know you knowing me now, baby

yes, good s*x
uh (uh*uh)
yes, good neck
yes, good s*x (yeah, yeah)
yes, good neck

i got some condoms in my pocket
come and see them
because i open that sh*t up
i‘m in your b*tch, yeah
she wanna know just how to f*ck a n*gga, get that
i f*ck your b*tch and i ain‘t even got a sixpack
she wanna come over
to curly, come and get that
i tell you go home gotta come thru on the sh*t, yeah
i‘m goin pop, yeah, she poppin

- che ecru كلمات اغنية