3th grade – chicken syrup كلمات اغنية

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dont got my license i hit a pedestrian
she let me f*ck but she told me she lesbian
bad puerto rican i thought she was mexican
his song is trash i told him its excellent
his song is trash belong in the garbage
look at my diamonds they looking r*t*rded
world war 3 we getting bombarded
yo’ boyfriend lame yeah he look like a marvin
look like marvin he look like a dweeb
b*tch so stupid she can’t even read
big ray bans i can’t even see
you wasting yo money its nevеr that deep
wasting yo money you buy marijuana
he rentеd that beamer cause he got a honda
i stay with the sticks like cosmo and wanda
my circle small i dont want no drama
circle so small it look like a nickel
my music so fire i mealted the cicle
this n*gga so ugly he look like a nipple
get out of my face your breath smell like pickles
get out of my face your breath smell like ass
if i get a tesla im doing the dash
if i got the forces i dont need a mask
look at my diamonds you know that they splash
look at my diamonds they wet like a lake
she hit me on twitter its not for debate
let’s make up a name shoutout jake
stay on my nuts give me a break
give me a break it’s getting annoying
if im on the beat then i bet she enjoy it
and how you got money and dont got employment
pass me a beat i bet i destroy it
i destroy it bet im bouta go ham
she talk too much bet she bouta get slammed
i get to my bread like pb and jam
i be ballin like td and rams
chicken syrup but im fly as a goose
she send the addi im bouta get loose
his mom like my music im raising the roof
she said that im fire and this is her groove
song short it look like a midget
your first time listening u looked at the minutes
if i talked to her im getting them digits
by all means i dont care about limits
dont care about limits i don’t got restrictions
she tried to restrict me i dont got restrictions
dont trust n*ggas cause i got suspicions
give me the keys im causing collisions
oh my f*cking gosh staying with that sh*t
song took f*cking forever to f*cking do

- chicken syrup كلمات اغنية