100k – chip كلمات اغنية

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[intro: chip]
fumes on the beat

[verse 1: chip]
gas on the mic (brrr, woo)
about you keep it a hundred, you ain’t had a hundred racks in your life (no)
if i don’t say what it ain’t
bet you i’ll say what it is (brrr)
being broke ain’t a problem
nah, but stayin’ it is (woo)
i got the fire stop, drop and roll (let’s go)
bad b*tch get copped and go (move)
if you wanna f*ck me, f*ck bro
and don’t ask for the wifi code (b*tch)
mood every day leave me alone
ah, just wanna be in my zonе
any gyal come round mine when thеy see my pad they don’t wanna go home (yeah)
hardest out there (yeah)
no discussin’ (yeah)
flow disgustin’ (yeah)
rest up [? m*ffin] (ah)
see me and stack just ballin’ (uh)
gotta pour drinks for the fallen (uh)
spin a mc, k!ll a mc, who could it be if it was not me or (me)
come crisp in brands they ain’t heard of (ah)
all they know is lv and dior (woooo)
dior, dior, i still do the dance to dior (yeah)
check the wardrobe man i got [? loads] (facts)
[?] pop smoke
lyrically them man bore me, probably why they wanna bore me (laughs)
real haringey story, i got too much love for h*rnsey
[verse 2: mostack]
they don’t really want war with us (they don’t want it)
ay, please don’t start with us (don’t start)
they say they got calm for us
but it’s peak ’cause you really got [?] (bring it on)
have you seen my yard, you know? (nice)
closet look like narnia (hmm)
party at mine let’s turn it up (mmhmm)

- chip كلمات اغنية