1ne take – cinori xo كلمات اغنية

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boom x3
s/o my nigha trexy

i ain’t a fry but i’m dripping in sauce
feeling like chip how i drip with the sauce
y’all n*ggas cap you just act and talk
faker than booty on niki minaj
i can’t trust g’s
i ain’t taking a loss
i can’t be laughing
with n*ggas who fake
watching my back
i ain’t tryna get locked
i really trap while you n*ggas
just talk
i’m tryna flip it
invest it then drop
they claiming they serious
these n*ggas are not
they slept on me and they
think i forgot
don’t want your hand
i don’t dab up an opp
my moves be sweet
while they moves don’t got salt
you don’t got taste
and you also ain’t raw
give you a smack down
can smash yo chick raw
give her some cash
have her head on wall
you can ask h he gone say i’m a problem
they said i’d seeze but thе boy as been dropping
they want me dead
so i gotta keep dropping
i got flеx cause i know
zed clout watching
i drop a song it goes straight to charts an
straight to the top en
fans stay em locked in
ears when i’m talking
calling now i’m popping
just coz you rap
and i rap
bruh we not friend’s
i change the vibe in the room
when i walk in
this year my aim is top 3
not no top 10
ain’t even a threat but you acting
like you popping
i ain’t a faze
on the beat
or a hot trend
i came to last in this sh*t
keep popping
back in the past
stuck in bording school we was
telling big mike
one day they’ll be watching
telling firoz im the rapper who got it

get your popcorn out
start watching
when i spit on the mic
it’s just hot sh*t
i thought i lost a good girl
got a hot chick
when we roll take pics
we the topic
she getting fame off me
that’s boss sh*t i’m
tryna be rich forever rick ross sh*t
the guy they said that ill never blow who got it
they said that i ain’t sh*t and who lost it

stayed on my toes
then stuck to the plan
yall hated on me i took
all yo fans
face on a poster i stuck too my plan
i don’t need support
yet ya i’m the man
getting so high
now i gotta land
thinking real big
buy me some land
blessed to be zambian
so n*gga i can
yall breathing heavy from
chasing the man
payements for shows
gotta pay me in cash
my talk ain’t cheap
i don’t regular brag
grills on my t**th
when i smile you see cash
she love my lingo
ain’t regular rap
dreaming of sony
been pushing my craft
sagging my pants
they kissing my ass
i won’t forget forget bout my past
don’t play with my money i come
for the cashh
shout to my bro liam that’s my mandam
gorilla gotta lead i’m a captin
uses to dream of this zicas
that was back then
even back then i was trapping
told em i would do this
on the beats kept snapping
and taylor know the kid keep snapping
put me on a beat imma just keep rapping
i the beat keep rapping

- cinori xo كلمات اغنية