we will stand – clark sisters كلمات اغنية

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sometimes it’s hard for me to understand
why we pull away from each other so easily
even though we’re all walking the same road
yet we build dividing walls between
our brothers and ourselves
but i, i don’t care what label you may wear
if you believe in jesus you belong with me
the bond we share is all i care to see
and we can change this world forever
if you will join with me
join and sing, sing
you’re my brother, you’re my sister
so take me by the hand
together we will work until he comes
there’s no foe that can defeat us
when we’re walking side by side
as long as there is love
we will stand
the day will come when we will be as one
and with a mighty voice together
we will proclaim that jesus
jesus is king
and it will echo through the earth
it will shake the nations
and the world will see
see that
the time is here, the time is now
to take a stand, to make a vow
i won’t let go, you’re not alone
now and forever we’ll sing together
this song was first done over twenty years ago and the message is just as true today as it was then. if we ever needed one another, the time is now. we will accomplish much more for the kingdom of god when we join hands and put our differences aside. thanks to russ and tori taff for sharing this wonderful anthem with us. we hope it calls all of us to action.

- clark sisters كلمات اغنية