when the time comes – clark sisters كلمات اغنية

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for every soul there is a midnight
when it’s silent in the room but loud inside
you lie awake what seems like forever
and you wrestle with the big stuff that can not be denied
all of life
has led you to this moment
when the time comes
and the games are finally over
there’s no more pretending
all charades are done
and the time comes
when the soul is finally ready
you know the truth and
this time you don’t run
god is waiting there, you’ll find
when the time comes
for every soul there is a dawning
when we see there’s more to life than we believed
faith is that one road that’s left to travel
but it means we have to start to trust what we can’t see
then at last
we chose to take that first step
he’ll rush
he’ll reach
he’ll run
he’ll do
anything to get to you
this is a beautiful song that i’m privileged to sing lead on. it’s about finally coming to a place of readiness to receive from god… up control. i think it’s easy to fool ourselves sometime and think we’ve completely given everything over the christ, when actually, we are still holding on to everything we have, trying to do things our own way. god knows our hearts and just how much we’ve given over to him. the songs says “there’s no more pretending, all charades are done.” we don’t have to play games with god. he knows it all anyway.

- clark sisters كلمات اغنية