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“intro: ups and downs”

d-mn, another migraine
vision blurred., eyes strained
i need another gel cap
cause once this headache hits it’s a sure trip to h-ll n back
i got too much on my mind
this lifestyle i lead got my health on decline
i ain’t as quick thinking as i once was, huh
i guess that’s what smoking j’s and blunt does
even my freestyle getting worse
i’m losing it can’t connect the missing words
and everybody wanna get a verse
but when i say i got no time, they get their feeling’s hurt
daddy… hey what’s up baby girl
your the only thing that make sense in this crazy world
through all the madness and the sickness
i know that i can look to you for love and forgiveness
what’s you momma doing? oh she’s cooking diner
well daddy gotta write this song, go on and cook it with her
i’ll be in soon, soon as i get finished
and tell you mom i’ll get the laundry done and do the dishes
but who we kidding
i can’t even do that right.
i mean i can. but my mind stuck on halflife
i’m trying to find somebody i can p-ss the mic
who got the drive and will make the same sacrifice i did.
and yea i signed a couple guys
but i guess i didn’t do my job, at least in their eyes
i wasted too much time, and some dope beats
but it’s back to the grind, same old me
the sun’s shinning again, satisfaction
oh canada, it just went platinum
i’m hitting plateaus, i never thought my rap flows would hit.
and actually making real cash flow off this sh-t
last year, i felt like i was everywhere
the even heard me from regis and kelly’s chair
the olympics the juno’s i did it.
all of this all from one son, i’ll admit it
am i a one hit wonder? i don’t think i am
but the thought crossed my ming, the i erased it
and for the video, we asked everybody out
and no black people showes, then they called me racist
maestro told me,
stay off the message boards cl-ssy
but i’m sick of all these rap geeks
talking out their -ss checks,
hanging off every word cl-ss speaks.
but anyway that’s last week.
this week, i’m about to move out
i just bought a couple acres and built a new ajouse
sh-t it feels good to be doing what i love
and those who hate, f-ck you, i earned what i got
i use to think that money changed the man
now i’m thinking that it changes those around you
a lot of people wanna hand on and drowned you
so i gotta watch the people who surround luke
i know who my friends are
it’ll reflect in my memoirs.
life’s a trip of joy and challenges
i just gotta learn to live it and balance it.

- classified كلمات اغنية