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diet coke freestyle – coast contra lyrics

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yesterday’s price is not today’s price
like, like—like, crack—crack, like, like
like, li—li—crack, crack, crack

[verse 1: taj austin]
lord knows, we watched you n*ggas get distracted
watching your flattened plasma adhd tvs
lackin’ discipline, missin’ in action, i followed nip
had to take a trip from greece to athens, uh huh
finish this marathon, how else was it gon happen?
and still, i’m crossed with crossroads
took a loss and lost some lost souls
on the way of the mic, followin’ purpose
had to get rid of my vices, that was the greatest advice
when you know what your worth is, no one can purchase
devils will try to haggle with your prices
give you dead presidents to worship, but nah nah
who said the truth is hard to find?
i say it’s hard to choose, don’t get confused and guard your mind
n*ggas will break in through the window of your soul and rob you blind
take your light, take your shine
i reminisce when my days was darkest, down to the last feelin’ was left
to be afraid when the rage’s exhausted, yellin’ at god for my misfortune
givin’ him praise when everything’s great but, that’s extortion
fast forward, nothing happenin’ to me, it’s happenin’ for me
blessed up, i rarely ask for sh*t, get what i give, and that’s legit, yeah
how many years i spent and studied the craft to master this, yeah
look at my dawgs, convince we had it all in that small condensed apartment rent
was late sometimes but still somehow, we made it here
[verse 2: rio loz]
straight raw sh*t
my pen pals is cartels, i’m raw in every realm
on monday nights, i wrestled with fiends, just to hear ’em yell
now, i choke slam these god mc’s to the pits of h*ll
i get ’em higher than the pope with the sh*t that’s under my nails
born to prevail, but had to learn how to fail first
you won’t ever win in life if you don’t bet it on ya’self
when you heal from all that trauma, you gon see you wasn’t cursed
sh*t happens for a reason, there’s a reason you still breathin’
god gives his strongest soldiers the toughest battles on earth
and if you listenin’ to this, keep going, n*gga, it works
siento mi sueños cerca, ya no se ven tan lejos
vamo a camblar el juego and rewrite las reglas
no quise un callejero, pero en las escuelas, nunca me entendieron
yo estaba pensado en dinero, y cosas de la vida
el colegio no se enseña, mami no soy calgulera
apredí de la vida, a mi me necesitan
este juego aquí, soy la esperanza de mi gente
todo gritan si, mami tu sabes lo que es, 2 c’s up
all my girls come through, double cheeked up
we up, n*gga

[verse 3: ras austin]
yeah, ayo
my n*gga, we go harder, humble ya’self or you’ll falter
squad done hustled a day job, working 9*5 shift culture
slept, rats, roaches, slept mattress, sweat stained, dreams posted
i mean, my n*gga, if walls could talk, every one of ’em b*tches’ll scream focused
who is these n*ggas, man, what is they talkin’ about?
runnin’ ya mouth, ya opps are runnin’ ya mouth
ya label is runnin’ ya mouth, the streets is runnin’ ya pockets
weak, we peeped, ya b*tch is runnin’ ya house, it’s hard to watch it
what is they talkin’ ’bout?
annoyed, my mood swings could moshpit
split the crowd, hit the stage and rock sh*t, like, lil n*gga this my sh*t
hall of fame status, spinnin’ in john lennon fabric
feelin’ ecstatic, this a winners’ aesthetic
on me, address us proper like the mannequin, naked or leave
ase, that’s word to yahweh, did it my way
sonin’ n*ggas, who else could put day by day?
my crew, the livest from amerykah badu
kickin’ this fly sh*t, ya window seat ain’t got my view
nah kid, not by far, the god spit allah akbar
who nicer? i might incite a cypher circle at mosque, it’s righteous
they will if nothin’ like us, my n*gga, it’s nothin’ like us
but the love is priceless
facts, god
[verse 4: eric jamal]
coast contra sh*t
apartment 505
march 24th
let’s get it!
my n*ggas don’t panic, we the ones that sank the titanic
the best to rap since, uhh, ceramic
look, just to be pacific, the coast got flows like the atlantic
with bars that’s intense like campin’ (facts)
we grew up out of famine, where teddy bears and candles ain’t romantic
apartment 505 made us family, you wouldn’t understand it
was tested to the max, but we managed
i was so broke, i had to brand it
now our sh*t expandin’, tuna fish is salmon
if money talk, loz ain’t the only one speakin’ spanish (si)
we use to shop in clearance, now they askin’ us for clearance
they used to overlook us, now they pay for our appearance, n*gga

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