100 word count – coast god كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1: coast god]
afraid of the dark like white people //
make a small loan of 1 million dollars to a
n-gga to ruin the country //
let me hit 30 so i can run and we’ll see//
coast god for presidency //
moms sheltering me//
now look at him//
an unattached n-gga with no visible emotions //
like frank oceans novacane//
shot gun in the mouth //
end it in an instant//
cobain //
no shame in the words that i spit//
longways down the wrist //
why’s my father still on the list //
cop a mclaren wreck that b-tch just for the fun of it //
she f-cking with my for the money //
no honey wardrobe small fake shoes
bummy //

[verse 2]
no new wave //
like the sea dead//
no virgin marys //
out here f-cking em //
slim jesus f-ck the ops //
never ducking em//
my legacy forever like the internet//
this the big payback //
james brown with it//
cut you down like a mexican cut the gr-ss//
drop the album then disappear like a black dad//
d-mn you hurt //
go in harder than a kid diving in the dirt //
play me like the kings fool the jester //
high school went by fast //
welcome to your last semester //
sitting in the room losing my mind during the summer //
not high but low //
bad influence on kids //
like rob lowe//
we in cl-ss teacher don’t allow it//
spit your gum out //
not basketball//
girl let the box out //
cats out of the bag //
p-ssy couldn’t stop me //
never catches my tongue //
i can’t be what i eat //
anonymous collect the data chips //
shut the server down for a week //
f-ck is beef //
cut the cow //
now you know what it is //
d-mn c.g. don’t seem like you tryin //
im just the center just tryna get the tip of sh-t//
diss me //
but still f-ck who ever you show up with //
put you in my game, //
reverse bear trap get your throat slit //
master piece to the puzzle //
condom on //
but this go in raw //
take me to church i see no allah //
jehovah //
but no witness //
bet you still call me wack after this //
caught the vibe like a disease //
so fetch the he-rs- //
two horses on your polo shirt //
roast you make it worse //
told my momma hadda wear sum fresher than nikes //
cooler than c0ke & sketchers //
welcome to the new nightmare //
made a deal with freddy krueger //
runnin through the dream //
cut sh-t up //
droppin sh-t you never heard of //
sh-t they don’t accept //
sh-t they burn you for //
babysitter dropped the cigarette on me //
you ever been burned before?//

[verse 3]
you a bulimic bears //
like they on some freaky g-y sh-t //
a real m-th-f-ckin g //
like a reply dre’s diss //
not a barber you could never fade this //
1 dope boy in a cadillac //
some outkast sh-t //
i was the last one they picked //
now im the one you wanna be with //
no fun unless the homie get some //
you twerk for instagram //
why not let the crew hit //
your career on life support //
it’s suicidal //
crash the wedding //
f-ck the bridal//
kanye said f-ck apple //
dropped the album //
then it was all on tidal //
crashing windows //
like the plane did when it the building //
im out here grinding never chilling //
no ice //
but still the wrong n-gga to f-ck with //
im tyson //
lines get your ear //
bite that sh-t off //
you better duck b-tch //
only time i never make a hit //
is when i swing and i miss //
you a depressed wanna be deep -ssh0l- //
lost in his own reflection //
see god looking at me in the mirror //
taking sip of the holy spirit//
can’t fear the death //
like the climax of a scary movie //
moses with the wooden staff //
can’t stop //
cause the jews kept moving //
this a dance with the devil baby //
not meek//
n-gga never losing//

- coast god كلمات اغنية