10 thousand* – comethazine كلمات اغنية

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i don’t care ’bout who askin’, b*tch my money stackin’
i walk like that n*gga, i’m motherf*ckin’ saggin’
i tote an xd and i’m ready for action
not ready for love, [?]
.44 slug gonna drain you to ashes
they say be less angry whenever you rapping
[?] can happen
b*tch i’m a demon, [?] (b*tch)
sold crack in some old air max’s
f*ck you uncle sam, i’m not paying you taxes
a thousand a month for my b*tch to get waxes
ten thousand a month to support all my habits
donald trump, you’re a motherf*cking f*ggot
my b*tch a latino, i should let you have it
i’m at the casino, i gamble and cash it
ball like dan marino but not gonna pass it
i don’t*

- comethazine كلمات اغنية