they still gafflin – compton’s most wanted كلمات اغنية

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d-mn, mc eihts back in the m-th-rf-ckin’ house
last year we came with the one times gaffled ’em up
you know what i’m sayin’
now the whole m-th-rf-ckin’ world know

they still gafflin, this young black n-gg-
so why in the f-ck should i sleep when they creep
as i roll through the streets i see another raided house
and that’s why the eiht’ll be out in 5000
and the fools won’t give a chance to explain
if you’re from compton, you either sell dope or g-ngb-ng
yo, those fools on my d-ck still trying to jack me
i guess because i sport a hat and the khaki’s

and if my cars on hit, then i’m a roller
bust a you, hit the sirens and pull me over
run a make on my plates, fool they legit
another day for this punk -ss bullsh-t
i was lucky, i threw the blunt in my sock
the first thing they say,”who’s got the gat, who’s got the rocks?”
i said,”please officer, i’m a rap singer”
boy, you from compton, you got to be a banger

where’s your hood, what’s your set, throw up your gang sign
i take my hands off the hood and says i ain’t got time
he’s says park it fool, time is wasting
i said,”f-ck you”, black leather glove slapped my face then
i was p-ssed, it was rough, my hands was cuffed
if i told them they stink they’d throw my -ss in the clink
so it was back to the curb and i sat
all that time, fools didn’t even find my strap
but every day it’s the same sh-t happening, yo
watch your back one times still gafflin, geah

geah, now they still on my d-ck
still all wrastling, gafflin and sh-t
can’t take no more off this one time sh-t
you know what i’m sayin’
i’m ready to peel a m-th-rf-ckers cap
you know what i’m sayin’, check this out

off to the kick it, spot to make an end
early in the morning, so my day can begin
i seen the fool that tried to double cross me
i beat the punk down smooth ’cause i’m the boss, e
2 n-gg-s rolling in hats, inside a cadillac
we start to blaze up the m-th-rferkin’ 20 sack
we rolled the windows up to get that contact
one time seen the smoke, they pulled a smooth jack

on top of that i was b-mping big noise
it was the f-cking chp boys
i didn’t like those punk fools one bit
’cause they be popping that kkk sh-t
so i kick back and played with the routine
and told the grand dragon i was 17
tell the police the truth, then how they f-ck that sound?
’cause if i told him the truth then i’d be county bound

so i play with the routine, comma
while he say, hand over the marijuana
i said,”officer, you must be joking
that was a cigarette i was smoking”
so i sat with my b-tt to the ground
and kept on thinking, would the fool beat me down?
they didn’t find the gat, it was a miracle
but they still toed my m-th-rf-ckin’ vehicle
i might as well have packed a strap and
get rid of all these one times gafflin

geah, i’d like to send this out to all the m-th-rf-ckin’ homies
that be getting their -sses kicked by the one times
you know what i’m sayin’
and all my m-th-rf-ckin’ homeboys
that’s in jail locked up over this punk -ss sh-t
the one times be gaffling, you know what i’m sayin’
but they can’t keep a brother like the mc eiht down
me and my dj mike t is like out 5000

- comptons most wanted كلمات اغنية