02, 05 | i’m sorry lucy – connor the wolf كلمات اغنية

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amy winehouse laying near the bed falling from the couch
how i picture the end of my ride- fallin down
reachin for the lighthouse captain of my ship, sh-t i drowned
mind gone to the clouds
sippin’ syrup at noon chillin’ in the house
walkin’ past the broom but i should have been the spouse
kissin’ you at the weddin’ readin’ out my bows
instead i was so high ended up in church
can’t remember when i walked or how
lettin’ demons catch up i’m just facing it
and i feel determined yet i’ve broken everything
guess i won this one, even if i lost everything
came at the cost of my sanity
[verse 1]
1. ´so when i’m grabbin’ the mic, findin´ my sound
2. tall i stand guitar on hand aimin´for the clouds
3. used to think all i wanted was my demise
4. no longer wanna fight for my life don’t want another chance
5. so much wrong that i have to right
6. so much covering all of my scars
7. i still go hard with the blade
8. when i start drinkin’ at night
9. alcohol inside
10. and my sleeve has my heart
11. seemed like i was all done with that
12. because i fought, but did i win?
13. not sure i can say that
14. so now think i’ll send you this track
15. i should be sorry for who i am
16. but i’m not, so i’ll use this to apologize

and it’s funny often i dream
i’m about to blow my head off like kobain
talk about relievin’ steam, job done with a 12-gauge- clean
and i wake up, see i’m still alive now you’re gone
i don’t get it this house was supposed to burn down
i was supposed to die out in the rubble
what a stuggle i don’t understand
i thought i was makin it
really thought that we were made for it
guess that’s what you get for doin your best fittin’ in
i’m crazy and i can see that there’s no shelterin’
[verse 2]
1. the other day i dreamed
2. i remember picture clear as water was clean
3. that i was back to my old me
4. who i was before i drowned in the lean
5. and you were there on that scheme
6. sunny skies
7. sun settin’ down
8. and you kept my heart warm
9. cold afternoon as we walked through the park
10. and you said “i’ll always love you”
11. as i photographed your beautiful smile
12. and i’m sorry for all the sh-t i did and though we can never go back
13. thin about you everyday while i write and i’m in cl-ss
14. and even when i f-ck someone else
15. i know ill never find
16. a girl as smart and beautiful
17. you have it all in one, at least to me
18. even when i’m doing b-tches i met that same night
19. annie it’s never the same
20. i know i’m going insane
21. my twisted way for saying i love you i guess
22. you should just stare in delight
23. as i missed the point of return
24. all that happened a long way back
25. annie that last day we talked
26. i was so drunk and so high
27. but i remember it all
28. 8 a.m. whisky in hand
29. saying i’m sorry would you just try once
30. again cause i love you and i can no longer pretend
31. another drink came to mouth
32. and it all faded to black
33. wake up hungover near sober now it´s 5 p.m
34. and your face came to mind
35. i saw the phone
36. i’m sorry i really can’t
[verse 3]
1. i know that sh-t had to end
2. and i’ll never forgive myself
3. even then you tried to help
4. that day occurred something else
5. that day a man who tried to be good to be his best
6. died something else took his place
7. annie i’m not the same guy
8. annie we have never met
9. but i’m here for him just to say
10. you were the one thing to give him happiness
11. and even though he really is dead
12. he knows about the mistake he made
13. annie he loved you never forget
14. you’re the best thing to happen to him
15. that last day you talked that was my fault
16. i pushed him to h-ll cause i knew what you’d say
lucy i’m sorry for all his mistakes
lucy i know you´re going to sp-ce
lucy please lead a happy life
lucy please hear this song and then just forget
about me about him and all that happened
lucy you’re good don’t ever make the mistake
of thinkin’ you’re anything else
lucy i’m sorry i f-cked up
cause you really deserved better than this
lucy i miss you every single day
but we both know it would have to end
lucy thanks for granting him his last wish
lucy you’re the best and you deserve this

- connor the wolf كلمات اغنية